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an industrial city of Japan in southern Honshu

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TMK places great emphasis on the protection of our proprietary information, which includes new vehicle designs and data related to our state of the art manufacturing processes," said Jim Naruo, General Manager of Toyota Motors Kyushu.
As a recognized leader in both vehicle design and manufacturing quality in the automotive industry, Toyota Motors Kyushu is now also establishing a reputation as a visionary in the use of technology to protect proprietary and private information," said Seth Birnbaum, CEO of Verdasys.
for leading automakers such as Toyota Motors Company and Toyota Group Companies, Takaoka Kogyo KK, Toyota Jidou Shokki Seisakusho and Toyota Group Companies.
Toyota Caelum (TCI) was created in 1985 as a department of the Toyota Motor Corp.
com/reports/c31083 ) has announced the addition of Toyota Motor Corporation 2005 Company Profile Edition 3 to their offering
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