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United States physicist who developed the laser and maser principles for producing high-intensity radiation (1915-)

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Townes was the inventor of the maser, an acronym of microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, although microwave is a misnomer, given that this stimulated emission works for any electromagnetic waves, including light waves.
Officials at the University of California, Berkeley, where Townes was a professor emeritus who only last year stopped going to campus every day, said he had been in poor health before he died Tuesday on the way to an Oakland hospital.
Townes, who was also known for his strong religious faith, famously compared that moment to a religious revelation.
In June 2012, the Hope native was promoted to chief financial officer of Townes.
Commenting on the announcement, Larry Townes, Chairman and CEO of Townes, said I look forward to xG's deployment and very much anticipate xG's promise of high quality, reasonably priced broadband service for the United States' rural telephone providers and the important customer base which they serve .
Regarded in his lifetime as a shy, solitary painter, Francis Towne produced watercolours that seem strikingly modern to the twenty-first-century eye.
Previously, Townes genetically engineered the mouse.
He's charged with bringing energy and statistical production off the bench along with senior forward Darian Townes and sophomore forward Michael Washington.
ONE OF THE MEMORABLE LINES of the last year of Stan Heath's coaching era at Arkansas came when he addressed the situation of Darian Townes leaving the heated Razorbacks bench for the locker room in the middle of a game.