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This year's motto will be the town twinning agreement between DE-sseldorf and the Chinese city of Chongqing, concluded five years ago.
Taking the alternative reality of soaps to a different level, the Cwmderi plot sees characters on a town twinning visit to Ireland where they walk straight into the set of Ros na R[pounds sterling]n.
But chairman of the town twinning committee, Jenny Phillips, insisted the comments would not sour relations.
Yet the role of town twinning in improving international relations on a worldwide scale has been little researched or documented.
John Wilson, chair of the Edinburgh-San Diego town twinning association, said: "The city fathers here will have the final say about where the statue will be situated.
After the game, a town twinning agreement will be signed.
The Congressman, a member of the town twinning committee for his home city of Newport, also criticised the book for playing on the high emotions of the time.
In the 50 years of the town twinning, hundreds of cultural, sporting and educational exchanges have taken place.
Middlesbrough's town twinning with Oberhausen, Germany, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.
Now organiser Ray Jones, of Llanfairfechan town twinning association (LTTA), is inviting readers to send in tokens for cash from the Daily Post's Wish Fund 2013 to help towards the cost of the Conwy villagers' latest trip to Brittany next year.
It was part of Calderdale Council's town twinning relationship with Tower Hamlets for the Olympics.
Six of the projects are town twinning schemes: Reichelsheim, DE (partners: Dol de Bretagne - FR, Jablonka - PL, Nagymanyok - HU); Bojnice, SK (partners: Bad Krozingen - DE, Rostaa- IT, Jesenik - CZ, Zator - PL); Bialogard, PL (partners: Akniste - LV, Gnosjo - SE, Olen - BE, Caracal - RO); Puy de Dome, FR (partners from IT, DE, UK, PT, PL and RO); Amaroussion, EL (partners from IT, BE, CY, EL, RO, PT and SE); and Plerin, FR (partners: Avrig - RO, Wronki - PL and Cookstown - UK)
Local historian John Burton has put together a collection featuring Coronation processions, town twinning ceremonies, Riversley Park, a Boy Scouts jamboree and other events.
TOWN twinning is a good idea, I'm sure, but like three-legged races and marriage, its potential for success depends on who you get lumbered with.