Tourette's syndrome

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neurological disorder characterized by facial grimaces and tics and movements of the upper body and grunts and shouts and coprolalia

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A pilot safety study of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in Tourette's syndrome. Cogn Behav Neurol.
The use of deep brain stimulation in Tourette's syndrome. Neurosurg Focus 2013;35:E4.
Duhamel plans to have guest speakers present along with free information about Tourette's Syndrome and copies of “What Makes Me Tic?” on DVD.
Many Tourette's syndrome patients also have behavioral problems, Dr.
Andy Dawson, operations director for Legal & General, says: "The symptoms associated with Tourette's Syndrome mean that it can be very difficult for people with the condition to integrate with those around them.
"The play, when we get through with it, will be a theatrical presentation of what it was like for its authors to discover that Tourette's syndrome was the affliction of one of their children."
While Tourette's syndrome is a condition known to most rehabilitation professionals, rehabilitation practice and procedures related to this condition have received little attention.
But if she would have made that crack about "Bush-induced Tourette's syndrome" in front of me, I would have asked straight-faced which tics she's experiencing: throat clearing, humming, sniffing, rapid eye blinking, shoulder shrugging, head jerking, or lip licking?
Tourette's syndrome is a neurological multiple tic disorder.
The researchers studied anandamide in the striatum, a brain region where excessive dopamine activity may contribute to Tourette's syndrome, autism, and obsessive-compulsive disorders.
A couple with Tourette's syndrome has sued Northwest Airlines after a pilot allegedly ordered them off a plane because they might disrupt passengers.
In this 58th volume in the series Advances in Neurology, the editors have done a superb job of selecting 41 chapters that reveal how "Tourette's syndrome has served, throughout its history, as a testing ground for new ideas about the relations between mind and body in neurological and developmental psychopathological conditions" (p.
The presentations will include “Current Thinking about Tourette's Syndrome,” by Dr.
A Birmingham brain specialist is to receive a national award for his work with sufferers of Tourette's syndrome.