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a tribal emblem consisting of a pillar carved and painted with totemic figures

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Various totem poles displayed faces, handprints and artefacts from the children, which were then put on display at the school.
Traditionally, natives did not put wings on their totem poles, but many people want wings on them," Margaret said.
While parents found out about careers, learning and job opportunities, children enjoyed face-painting, a ball pool, sand pit - and making totem poles.
Last fall, he was commissioned to create seven totem poles for Big Foot Log Home Industries.
Carvings included the symbolic features of native animals: the two protruding buck teeth of a beaver, the fins and jagged teeth of a shark, and the curved beak of an eagle were a few of the images created on totem poles.
Part three of the book describes 113 totem poles, provides their location, names their carvers, and identifies their cultural style.
Last spring inSaxman, two clans of Tlingits--the Ravens and the Eagles--raised a totem pole carved by renowned Tlingit artist Nathan Jackson.
November is Native American Heritage Month, and my students were discussing totem poles of the Pacific Northwest.
Throughout history, totem poles have been an artistic tool to track the genealogy of a tribe or used as a memorial.
Bonnet making and parade with prizes for the best boy and girl, Tuesday, April 14 from 1pm to 3pm, the chance to see photographs of totem poles in Canada and the opportunity to make a mini totem pole to take home, Thursday, April 16 from 1pm to 3pm, mask making, and Friday, April 17 from 1pm to 2pm and 2pm to 3pm, the opportunity to test bridge building skills with material provided - sessions suitable for 7 years and over.
The pub will be kitted out with totem poles and hay bales for the wild west events that start at noon on Saturday and Sunday.
Hansen's since carved more than a dozen totem poles around the region, including one at Eugene's Parker/Eastside Elementary School, where he now teaches.
Visitors will find that the two house posts and a carved ancestor figure are not the traditional totem poles typically associated with large-scale West Coast Native art.
After looking at the many possibilities, each of the two classes designed two totem poles, using the designs from their class only.