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Synonyms for Tory

one who strongly favors retention of the existing order

strongly favoring retention of the existing order

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an American who favored the British side during the American Revolution

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a member of political party in Great Britain that has been known as the Conservative Party since 1832

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a supporter of traditional political and social institutions against the forces of reform

References in classic literature ?
Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, and the next year, when the Queen died and the Tory ministry fell, he withdrew to Dublin, as he himself bitterly said, 'to die like a poisoned rat in a hole.
The pop-up shop will be located on Elizabeth Street in the space where Tory launched the brand's first boutique 11 years ago.
Under the circumstances, and given his anger at how impoverished the country is, I'll presume that he will now call on these very pages for the Tory Party to give our country our money back, or should I not hold my breath?
outcome 4: tory minority govt David Cameron will try to cobble together a rainbow alliance of Conservatives, Lib Dems, Democratic Unionists and UKIP.
Shadow minister without portfolio John Trickett said: "Ukip are a party of Tory people and Tory money.
But a key ally of the PM admitted: "Despite his defection, Douglas Carswell is still hugely popular with both Tory and UKIP voters in Clacton.
e party's motion to end the Conservatives' 14-year rule failed when the authority's 21 Tory, six Lib Dem and UKIP and two Independent members teamed up to oppose Labour.
Right-wing Tory voters see the Lib-Dems as diluting the core Tory agenda.
Tory adviser Sir Peter Gershon said spending on IT projects, office costs, contracts and recruitment could be cut.
If reproduced nationally, that would deliver about 30 more Tory than Labour MPs.
The Tory gain was caused by former Liberal voters in Middlesbrough West voting Tory.
In today's political scene, where the difference in policies between the parties is so narrow, it seems strange how opposed people are to the idea of even dating a Tory.
Tory by TRB, a high fashion retailer of apparel and accessories, signed a new lease to relocate their headquarters to 7,500 s/f at 99 Madison Avenue.
Christian activists capturing Tory races," its front-page story by Gloria Galloway shouted in bold headlines.
Celebrating designer Tory Burch's first West Coast boutique Tory by TRB.