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0 1 Limacodidae Phobetron hipparchia 3 2 Cramer, 1777 Semyra incisa Walker, 1 0 1855 Limacodidae 1 0 1 Tortricidae Episimus sp.
Tortricidae is one of the largest families of microlepidopterans and comprises approximately 10,000 described species worldwide (Regier et al.
However, very little is known about the effects of mixed intercropping with aromatic plants on Tortricidae and their natural enemy communities at different spatial levels in an apple orchard.
This study mainly focused on 3 tortricid pest species: Adoxophyes orana Fisher, Spilonota lechriaspis Meyrick and Acleris fimbriana Thunberg, and the main natural enemies of Tortricidae, i.
Correlation Analysis of the Tortricidae and its Natural Enemies