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Of the damaged fruits, moth larvae of the family Tortricidae were responsible for 27 % of the damage, 7 % was caused by an unidentified moth larvae, 4 % by Curculionid larvae, and 6 % were damaged by a combination of Tortricidae and Curculionid larvae considering the abundant excreta from these two found inside fruits in combination with Zygomicete fungi (Table 1).
Unfortunately, LBAM larvae are quite nondescript; only experts can tell it from other similar Tortricidae larvae.
Especies de Stantonia estan comunmente asociadas a especies de Crambidae (Lepidoptera) y, mas raramente, a Noctuidae, Pyralidae y Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) (Braet y Quicke 2004).
They also occur in Zygaenidae, Tortricidae and all Rhopalocera (Bourgogne, 1951).
1997), polillas de las familias Lymantriidae (<<tussock moths>>) y Tortricidae (<<leafroller moth>>) que se comportan como plagas forestales (Armstrong et al.
Las especies de la familia Tortricidae, son microlepidopteros de gran importancia economica conocidos como enrolladores de hoja e incluyen plagas presentes en una amplia variedad de cultivos agricolas, horticolas y forestales.
Lepidoptera: Tortricidae (Royama 1984: [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED]).