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They found that the use of soybean presscake to fortify corn tortillas can increase the protein content of the product while also delivering a product considered acceptable by consumers.
For example, during the Spanish occupation, though the indigenous people were busy working for the Europeans, the tradition of making corn tortillas was threatened, but farmers still worked their fields to grow corn because "many refused to break the tie with their land and history.
Almost everybody knows that salsa now outsells ketchup in the United States, so the popularity of companion Mexican staples like tortillas and tacos is no surprise.
If soft tortillas hold a regular place on your table, you may want to invest in a tortilla holder or warmer to keep them toasty throughout the meal.
Que un mexicano -o un argentino o un chileno, que tambien tienen sus tortillas propiasque pida una tortilla en Espana se va a encontrar con esa fritada de huevos batidos .
The biggest shift in the tortilla market has been toward healthy, whole grain, and multigrain tortillas.
Scatter with a few torn basil leaves and then top with one of the reserved tortillas, chutney-side down.
Y en las minuciosas observaciones de Sahagun acerca de la vida cotidiana de los naturales, se registra que <<comian unas ciertas tortillas hechas de las mazorcas frescas del maiz, que se llama el otlaxcalli o xantlaxcalli, [y] otra manera de tortillas hechas de las mazorcas nuevas del maiz, que se dice xilotlaxcalli>>.
The biggest tortillas I could find were the flour burrito size.
15 the agreement made at the beginning of the year with the corn and tortilla industry to contain the price of tortillas.
Gruma, the largest producer of corn flour tortillas in the world, knows a lot about what Mexicans eat.
Great large sized tortillas which made fantastic wraps with a bit of smoked salmon and cream cheese.
The owners of Tumaro's Gourmet Tortillas say sales of the product are increasing at a strong rate and retailers have a great opportunity to cash in.
The Ansen Tortilla range comprises the Standard Twin--a clear, modern design in PVC with a built in label panel and a single cavity to hold two Tortillas of varying widths.
The 2005 award was granted to Tumaro's Gourmet Multi-Grain Tortillas because, unlike their competitors, Tumaro's tastes superior and has no trans-fat.