Torrid Zone

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the part of the Earth's surface between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn

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Striking about both Humboldt's torrid zone and Austen's wilderness are their sharp demarcations from the more predictably grasped spaces that precede them in the respective narratives, with the new zones separated from the old by distinct boundaries.
Global warming, induced by mankind's activities rather than Natures natural fluctuations, provides an identified expansion of the Torrid Zone.
AND here's some other tales from the torrid zone you may have missed while drowning in celebrity dross.
Chapter One, "Saint Domingue: Life in the Torrid Zone," is important for presenting an overview of the island as a French colony.
Tales from the Torrid Zone by Alexander Frater Picador, pb, pp380, 16.
Acosta in his own words (technically those of Lopez-Morillas) is a delight to read, whether musing light years ahead of his time about passage across the Bering Strait, holding forth on the features of the Torrid Zone, volcanoes, earthquakes, gold, silver, emeralds, pearls, cacao, coca, chile, indigo, balsam, flowers, animals, and birds, or discussing the cultural history of Peru and Mexico.
Set in the fictional African "trouble-spot" country of Kambawe, the play's still relevant (if somewhat datedly framed) meditations on journalistic ethics and influence remain awkwardly at odds with the most crowd-pleasing aspect: A lone female figure, dripping with couture and bon mots and infidelity guilt, who seems to have parachuted in from some Graham Greene torrid zone as fine-polished by Noel Coward.
This torrid zone was originally thought to comprise the whole intertropical band, but actual experience showed that parts of this area were temperate and, indeed, inhabited.
In this torrid zone, every drop of water is essential to preserving life, yet 90 percent of all riparian habitat in the deserts has been wiped out or severely degraded.
Pomponius Mela, accepting a spherical Earth, suggested that it be divided into a North Frigid Zone and a South Frigid Zone in the neighborhood of the poles, a Torrid Zone in the neighborhood of the Equator, and a North Temperate Zone and a South Temperate Zone in between.
Acosta's voyage to Peru in 1571 contradicted Aristotle's account of the Torrid Zone but confirmed the "better opinion" of Ptolemy and Avicenna that "there were commodious habitable regions under the Tropics" (p.
This space is both full and empty: the torrid zone is paradoxically at once hyper-abundant with "worlds of solitude .
Captain of the Clouds, The Fighting 69(th), Torrid Zone and The West Point Story.
The controlling wind flow in both hemispheres is that of the Trade Winds which feed the Torrid Zone and its core rainfall belt (the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone: ITCZ) with a regular, reliable moist air inflow.