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Italian physicist who invented the mercury barometer (1608-1647)

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is named after 17th century Italian physicist Evangelista Torricelli, known for clinically accounting the vacuum and for inventing the barometer.
Local and provincial government services and Christian missions are mostly based around the airstrip at Lumi, located near the western end of the road running from the East Sepik Province capital at Wewak, through Maprik in the Prince Alexander Mountains and then through Nuku and Anguganak in the Torricelli Mountains.
Later, Torricelli got even more critical, stating: ".
That failure to turn the raw materials of economic uncertainty and corporate crime into campaign issues has a lot to do with the Democratic Party's subservience to big-money donors--a relationship forged at least in part by Torricelli, who, as Daschle's handpicked head of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, raised $103 million for Democratic Senate campaigns in 2000 and bragged about beating the Republicans in the dubious struggle to secure soft-money contributions.
With Torricelli out of the race, New Jersey Democrats promptly set about finding a replacement candidate.
Torricelli, now back training with Fiorentina, spent last week on trial at Bellefield and is eligible to move although the transfer window has closed because he is a free agent.
Everton have won their battle to transfer Israeli international Idan Tal to Spanish club Rayo Vallecano and David Moyes would like to replace him with Torricelli.
Torricelli talked with Portsmouth last week but could not agree a pay deal.
Torricelli called for a Justice Department investigation into the CIA's role in the deaths of Bamaca and Michael Devine, an American innkeeper who was murdered by Guatemalan soldiers.
In addition to the Torricelli language, Title 1E of the act contains two other provisions for protecting children from environmental pollutants.
The legislation introduced by Senators Graham, Hatch, Jeffords, Torricelli and Kerry clarifies that certain development costs that have been included in tax credit eligible basis under generally accepted industry practice will continue to be included in basis for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit.
We were wrong," Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli of New Jersey told Levitt in January.
Consider the School Environment Protection Act (SEPA), a bill by Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli of New Jersey that would place the first federal restrictions on pesticide use in schools.
He sank $100,000 into the restoration of Bill Clinton's childhood home in Arkansas; he also gave generously to Democrat Senators Bob Torricelli of New Jersey and Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.
decision to maintain his post as both committee on foreign relations chair and European relations sub-committee chair, especially since the embattled Torricelli has lobbied so hard for a subcommittee chairmanship.