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Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 30 (ANI): Already delayed by many years, the Defence Ministry is expected to discuss a proposal for acquiring heavyweight torpedoes for the nuclear submarine INS Arihant and the six Scorpene-class submarines being built for the Indian Navy.
"A high-level meeting of the Defence Ministry is expected to discuss the proposal to acquire heavy-weight torpedoes for the INS Arihant nuclear submarine and the submarines of the Kalvari-class of the Indian Navy.
" We had about 60 odd SUT torpedos which were undergoing upgradation for the four, older Shishumar submarines.
However, the stand of the Ministry of Defence ( MoD) to not purchase 98 ' Blackshark' Heavy Weight Torpedo ( HWT), which was the agreed- upon choice earlier, has dealt a nasty blow to the IN.
That's because the primary weapon of the Scorpene class submarine, the Black Shark torpedo, is designed and manufactured by a subsidiary of Finmeccanica, the Italian defence manufacturer that has been blacklisted after it paid bribes to sell a dozen helicopters to India.
"Valfajr torpedo is now used by the Navy units in operations," Sayyari told FNA in Tehran on Wednesday.
Ex-governor of Issykkul oblast Esengul Omuraliev talked about torpedo testing at Lake Issykkul by the Russian military in his interview for De-Facto newspaper on March 18.Esengul Omuraliev said torpedos were tested at Lake Issykkul during the Soviet period.
Dr Large said: "Audio contact with the Kursk was lost for 135 seconds, then seven standard torpedos exploded in compartment No1, blasting a huge hole in the boat.
In relevant remarks in August, Rear Admiral Khadem Biqam said the Navy is becoming equipped with more advanced and smarter torpedoes. "Torpedos which have been used in different wargames, including surface and subsurface torpedoes .., are smart and enjoy hi-tech; yet upgrading them to become even smarter is on the Navy's agenda," Rear Admiral Biqam said in an exclusive interview with FNA at the time.
Early in the morning of June 4, 1942, the Japanese sent in their torpedo (horizontal and dive) bombers against targets on Midway.
His lookouts would spot it long before it came within torpedo range.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Gholam Reza Khadem Biqam said the navy is becoming equipped with more advanced and smarter torpedoes.