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the provincial capital and largest city in Ontario (and the largest city in Canada)

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The Government of Canada knows just how many Torontonians rely on public transit to commute in and around the city each day and are well aware of how important strong effective transit infrastructure is to building a stronger middle class, preserving the environment and helping to reduce traffic gridlock.
The project will succeed only if it convinces Torontonians that it offers solutions to urban problems, especially since the city's downtown population is expected to almost double, to nearly half a million people, over the next 20 years.
They can market their meals on platforms like Instagram to a wider audience, tapping into a "visual obsession with food" that Doss says rewards the most "novel, spicy and authentic cuisines" that Torontonians can get their hands on.
But unlike previous iterations of modernism, it did not have a significant impact on the houses where the majority of Torontonians lived.
CBC's Vote Compass results so far show Torontonians are deeply divided on how the city's next mayor should tackle transit, which is often cited as the No.
The Globe's story served to put more knee-jerk pressure on the vexatious Ford, a man with a documented history of rude, crude and lewd acts in public, to resign from the office Torontonians gave him.
Perhaps that's why Extra Extra Games believes one of the purposes of "Stay Mayor" is to "numb the pain" for scandal-weary Torontonians. Indeed, the game-makers said it best at the end of their description.
In the tall, Torontonians (and others may celebrate the opening of hockey season by attending the Military Band Spectacular in the Roy Thompson Hall, on October 27.
A woman's wrapper from Sulawesi, that was tied at the bust and at the waist to make flounces, records the industriousness of its maker, who in the 1960s-when Torontonians were cutting off hems to make mini-skirts--created the cloth by beating bark for days, making a sound that reverberated across the region and communicated to neighbours the progress and quality of her cloth.
For over a year now, Torontonians have been living in bizarre political ether courtesy of the aforementioned gentleman.
It will happen in the summer because Torontonians really need their air conditioners.
* Torontoans (Torontonians?): There is an exhibit of work by Jewish women, including Tablet Magazine contributors Vanessa Davis and Sarah Lazarovic, in your fine, albeit Canadian, city.
There were a few Torontonians who came thinking Halloween partying would be extra fun after the rally, were happy to chat and asked if circ was still an issue in the US!!