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Synonyms for tornado

Synonyms for tornado

a localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground

a purified and potent form of cocaine that is smoked rather than snorted

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Tornadoes associated with injuries and fatalities can occur throughout the year in Europe, but they are more frequently reported during the tornado season between June and August.
After a destructive tornado season in 2011, scientists examined historical records.
How are you preparing for tornado season here in Kansas?
Sunday's mayhem was the first serious damage of this year's tornado season, with central and southern US states at risk from March to August.
Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe said at least 15 people had died statewide in the storm that authorities said produced the first fatalities of this year's tornado season.
Arkansas authorities said at least 10 people had died in Faulkner and six more across the state - the first reported fatalities of this year's tornado season.
MY latest trip to this park made me feel like I was a twister chaser in Oklahoma during the tornado season.
In 2011, he sold his successful communications, marketing, and advertising firm to pursue his fascination with severe weather as a full-time professional--incredible timing, as 2011 turned out to be a record-breaking tornado season.
Altogether, however, the US tornado season has been below average so far: by the end of June, 625 tornadoes had occurred, compared with the longer-term average of 1,075.
It's wonderful to spend some time with them and, for a bonus, a week in the reddest state in the union, in the middle of "tornado alley," at the height of tornado season.
This spring's tornado season got a late start, with unusually cool weather keeping funnel clouds at bay until mid-May.
During tornado season, weather generally travels east.
In 2011, following a particularly active tornado season 6 one that included the devastating tornado that struck Joplin, Mo.
tornado season typically starts in the Gulf Coast states in the late winter, and then moves north with the warming weather, peaking around May and trailing off by July.
represents the beginning of an active and deadly tornado season, it does