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the first of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures comprising the first five books of the Hebrew Bible considered as a unit

(Judaism) the scroll of parchment on which the first five books of the Hebrew Scripture is written

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Speaking at his weekly Torah lesson at the Yazdim Synagogue in Jerusalem on Saturday night, Yosef said, "The chief rabbis of Israel throughout the ages, and in Israel's Chief Rabbinical Council, are all of the opinion that girls are forbidden from enlisting in the army or volunteering for national service.
According to Jewish tradition, each new Torah is received by a community "like a bride and groom would be welcomed", and it is transported in a festive way to be deposited in the synagogue.
However, we do find him described as a teacher of Torah to the masses, for Ezra had dedicated himself to study the Teaching of the Lord so as to observe it, and to teach laws and rules to Israel (Ezra 7:10).
Critique: As informed and informative as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking, "Torah Mysteries Illuminated: Intriguing Insights into the Essence of Major Torah Topics of Contemporary Relevance" is impressively well written, exceptionally well organized, and deftly present.
That said, Bolz makes an oversimplified statement by saying that "the Mishneh Torah was the first systematic consolidation of Jewish law into a comprehensive anthology.
Translated as "rejoicing in the law", Simchat Torah takes place immediately after the festival of Sukkot in the month of Tishrei.
He believed that a living Torah must speak to the unique needs of each particular generation.
Rome: The world's oldest complete Torah scroll has been found in a university archive in Bologna, according to an Italian professor who said the text could be from the 12th century.
And then tomorrow evening comes Simchat Torah, the day we complete the yearly cycle of the weekly reading of the Torah, and begin all over again.
As per the majority of the attendants, these very words of Gharib need a deep analysis to understand the soul and philosophy behind the stories in Torah.
A fascinating exploration of the Torah and what it asks of Jews who are trying to live faithful and good lives, "Torah Tapestries" is an excellent and core addition to any Judaic Studies community and college library collection.
Professor Blumenfrucht makes the excellent point that the rabbinical leadership of Torah Vodaath exhibited a traditional love for Eretz Yisrael.
Continuing he said: By us the prosperity of the Torah and uniqueness of the Torah have not been bridled.
Wine and Torah: How the Torah is Like a Good Cabernet" took place at Congregation Beth Israel in Worcester.
Summary: CAIRO - The name Torah might sound unfamiliar to foreigners, including those living in this country.