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beta blocker (trade name Lopressor) used in treating hypertension and angina and arrhythmia and acute myocardial infarction

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The lawsuit claims that manufacturers violated antitrust and consumer protection laws by keeping lower cost generic versions of Toprol XL off the market.
Reddy's launched its generic version of Toprol XL tablets in the range of 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg and 200 mg.
Novartis's Sandoz unit temporarily stopped shipping copies of Toprol XL during the quarter.
As a result, Watson is now eligible for approvals of key generic and branded drugs which had been on regulatory hold, including generic Toprol XL, Concerta and Cardizem LA as well as the Actos plus metformin extended release branded pharmaceutical.
Reddy's Laboratories (NYSE: RDY) recently announced the launch of its generic version of AstraZeneca 's (NYSE: AZN) hypertension drug Toprol XL (metoprolol succinate extended release) tablets in the US.
AstraZeneca Plc's Toprol XL, given before surgery to prevent heart complications, increases the danger of stroke or death, researchers said.
Florida, has received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration on its Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) for metoprolol succinate extended-release tablets USP in the 100 and 200 mg strengths, the generic equivalent to AstraZeneca's Toprol XL tablets.
The generic pipeline now includes Andrx's controlled-release generic projects, including potential first-to-file and semi-exclusive opportunities, most notably generic versions of Toprol XL, 50mg; Biaxin XL; Concerta; Cardizem LA; Lovenox (with Amphastar); and Prilosec delayed-release.
Investors are cautioned that all forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainties, including but not limited to, the timing and ability to obtain FDA approval of its Toprol XL ANDA, whether such ANDA is entitled to the 180-day exclusivity period, and the timing and outcome of litigation related thereto, the Company's dependence on a relatively small number of products, licensing revenues, the timing and outcome of litigation and future product launches generally, its ability to obtain FDA approval of its products, government regulation and changes in the law, competition, and manufacturing results.
Metoprolol succinate extended-release tablets are the generic equivalent to AstraZeneca's Toprol XL tablets.
0 include the following: Abilify, Actonel, Advair, Aranesp, Aricept, Avandia, Boniva, Botox, Caduet, Concerta, Crestor, Cymbalta, Depakote, Depo- Provera, Detrol LA, Effexor XR, Enbrel, Flomax, Flonase, Flovent, Fosamax, Gardasil, Glucophage XR, Humira, Humulin, Imitrex, Lantus, Lexapro, Lipitor, Nasacort, Nasonex, Neulasta, Neurontin, Nexium, Norvasc, NuvaRing, Ortho Tri- Cyclen Lo, Paxil, Plavix, Pravachol, Prevacid, Protonix, Provigil, Pulmicort, Restasis, Risperdal, Rozerem, Seasonale, Seroquel, Singulair, Strattera, Tamiflu, Topamax, Toprol XL, Tricor, Valtrex, Vytorin, Yasmin, Yaz, Zocor, Zoloft, Zomig, Zyprexa and Zyrtec.
According to IMS Health data, the 50 mg tablet of Toprol XL, with sales of $643 million in the U.
Sandoz introduced metoprolol succinate 25 mg extended release tablets, a generic equivalent of Toprol XL, in the U.
Seventy-three percent of primary care physicians (PCPs) and 81% of cardiologists consider this benefit a reason for choosing AstraZeneca's Toprol XL over Pfizer's Norvasc.
Ambien, Norvasc, Toprol XL among the blockbusters facing patent expirations, generic competition in 2007 --