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Synonyms for toponymy

the nomenclature of regional anatomy

the branch of lexicology that studies the place names of a region or a language


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Overall, this is a detailed and thoroughly researched piece of work, and if the reader overlooks its rather clumsy physical appearance, including the many subjective and superfluous digressions, it should nevertheless be of interest and value to any historian, geographer, cartographer or toponymist interested in the Pacific, Djurberg's maps and publications, or indeed early maps of the region.
British toponymist and onomastician Room seems to have noticed that for the past few decades, atlas gazetteers have assumed that readers would never have occasion to say the name of a place out loud.
Modern toponymists base Swansea's etymology on actual rather than speculative evidence.
An introduction overviews the contributions of early and later toponymists, from First Nations tribes to climbers, miners, politicians, and backcountry explorers.