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a traditional theme or motif or literary convention

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Expressions of Ki67 and Topo II[alpha] in breast cancer and normal breast tissues were detected using immunohistochemical method.
Caption: Even though we are heading into summer, there is still much we can learn from scouting especially if we focus on studying topo maps and aerial photos. uses OpenStreetMap for its offline maps (but, unlike BackCountry Nav Topo Maps GPS, Maps.Me is completely free).
It took several days for law-enforcement authorities to retake control of the Topo Chico prison after the riot.
Como consequencia do efeito das tensoes de crescimento na madeira serrada esta, principalmente, o surgimento de empenamentos e rachaduras de topo.
The US Topo Maps section makes "Quad Maps" available to users.
Organophosphorous reagents are popular coating agents [27, 28], Tri-n octylphosphine (TOP) and tri-n-octylphosphine oxide (TOPO), well-known extractants for metal ions in hydrometallurgical operations, were already used for preventing particle growth and aggregation in the one-pot chemical synthesis of quantum dots [29, 30].
DNA topoisomerase II (topo II) poison activity, was also evaluated using purified topo II and a supercoiled form of DNA that bears specific topo II recognition and binding region; topo II poisons stabilize normally transient DNA-topo II cleavage complexes, and lead an increased yield of linear form as a consequence of a lack of double-strand breaks rejoining.
Topo to Raster method uses an interpolation technique specifically designed to create a surface that more closely represents a natural drainage surface and preserves both ridgelines as well as stream networks (Hutchinson et al.
Foram considerados tres diferentes posicionamentos dos sensores de radiacao solar global: a leste, oeste e no topo do dossel.