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emphasize by putting heavy stress on or by moving to the front of the sentence

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Considering that topicalisation of nominals involves mainly those dominated by either the D-category or the D-category itself (if we disregard proper names), it has been proposed that the latter category provides the nominal complement with specific reference that allows for unambiguous discourse-linking.
Sometimes though, the speaker might want to move the O-NP to the front of the clause (O-fronting), see (21) or (22), for TOPICALISATION purposes.
Irina Nikolaeva believes that the use of the definite conjugation in Ob-Ugric languages is related to topicalisation (focusation) and is similar to the respective use in Samoyedic (Nikolaeva 2001 : 456-471; see also below in 4).
topicalisation, marking information as given, specifying the referent
The syntax shows more resemblance to the patterns of English: the pronouns (especially ego-orientation) enter, the spatial reference is backgrounded and the typical pattern of verb-initial sentences, is left in favour of noun initiation (achieved through topicalisation).
On remarquera que la topicalisation des complements de temps indiquant la duree n'est pas possible, comme on peut le voir ci-dessous dans les phrases a et b, et que ces complements ne se trouvent jamais en position pre-verbale, comme l'indiquent les phrases c et d:
In Topicalisation et focalisation dans les langues africaines, Bernard Caron (ed.), 229-267.
In particular, it allows that passivisation, topicalisation, substitution of co-referring singular terms in extensional contexts, produce distinct sentences which express the same extensional facts.
Through the manipulation of linguistic properties, such as topicalisation, passivisation, presupposition, mood system etc., the study explicates how political aspirants reconstructed and controlled people's thoughts and perceptions during election campaigns.
Note the topicalisation of the prepositional phrase at a position before the subordinator ga.
While the Spanish subjective-within-objective transitive construction gives preference to information structure factors and topicalisation, the English counterpart favours semantic factors.
After explanation to the patient of the procedure and airway topicalisation, flexible fibreoptic laryngoscopy was performed, showing anteromedial subluxation of the right arytenoid cartilage associated with overlying oedema, and slight shortening of the right aryepiglottic fold.