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a sentence that states the topic of its paragraph

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In general, the theories of summarization suggested that students should carry out the process of material deletion, word composition, and topic sentence invention (McNeil & Donant, 1982).
The scheme [3] takes into account the central content of the text, which expresses the document content with a topic sentence, then establishes the conceptual graph for the topic sentence, and builds the corresponding encrypted index structure.
I would look at those topic sentences. Again, these should be roadmaps for the reader for what's to come.
Lead into the thesis statement which is usually the last ruling of the paragraph.Use the topic sentences you created to form three supporting paragraphs.Each subject sentence should act as a groundwork for the rest of the paragraph and should summarize each paragraph's content.Construct a concluding concluding paragraph that restates your major points in a new way.
Once the students had submitted their final version, both the teacher-researcher and the other participating teacher graded the writings independently, based on the following criteria: (1) Students had to be able to write coherent and cohesive paragraphs, including all their components: a clear topic sentence, supporting ideas, and a closing sentence.
Free Model of Sentence Classifier for Automatic Extraction of Topic Sentences. Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 5 (1) 1734.
The second part of the book gives students practice in writing paragraphs, with a focus on topic sentences and supporting details.
Although most of us were taught in junior high that topic sentences should be used in every paragraph because they are effective, many appellate lawyers seem to have forgotten this important lesson.
Even seasoned journalists can learn from his results-oriented approach to "writing effectively"--with his lessons on making an outline, brainstorming, crafting topic sentences and even taking a break to combat writer's block.
The research sought to determine how well students were able to create a thesis for a paper, and if they could create three topic sentences that support their thesis.
a "clear line of thinking" in Table 3 and "logic" in Table 4) to refer to the same concept of logical organization, which according to them was represented by the existence of clear thesis statement and topic sentences, link between the two and paragraph unity.
Elements included an introductory statement telling what was being compared, attempts to engage the reader in the introduction ("the hook"), superordinate topic sentences, comparisons, details, a general conclusion, summaries of main ideas in the conclusion, and use of transition words.
Sentence weight is adjusted by local high frequency words in each time slot and global high frequency words from all topic sentences. They evaluate the system on Korean documents and report that time can help to raise the percentage of model sentences contained in machine generated summaries.
It is helpful also to the person who doesn't have time to read the book cover to cover, but can survey the material quickly by relying on headings, outlines, topic sentences and the side boxes, charts and illustrations.--Reviewed by Ivan Frazier, NCTM, University of Georgia