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a general name for beer made with a top fermenting yeast

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Architectural and gastronomic reminders of the past pervade this square-kilometer section of town, where establishments offer fare such as flonz (black pudding) and alt (old-style, top-fermented beer).
But no doubt the reason for imposing the tax was that a new type of beer--a stronger bottom-fermented lager beer--had been introduced into Denmark in the second half of the 19th century.(15) Traditional Danish beer drinking was based on weak top-fermented beer.
Bellerose won a gold medal at the IBC (International Beer Challenge) in London in 2011, and again in 2012, taking gold in the "Top-fermented Lager" category, marking the first time a French beer has been awarded consecutive gold medals at the IBC.
Made with pale ale malts and four distinctive hop varieties, it is brewed in fermenters originally designed for pilsner lagers and top-fermented as is normal for ale.
What binds them together is that they are brewed with bottom-fermenting yeasts which are much fresher than top-fermented ales.
a malty brew, top-fermented and bottle-aged to rapturous perfection."
Now, thankfully, there is a worldwide resurgence, especially in the US which is making some world class top-fermented brews.
This top-fermented, lightly hopped, pale yellow ale takes its name from the Cologne (Koln, in German) dialect, which is known as Kolsch.
According to USB, it is a top-fermented beer made with a proprietary yeast, two varieties of two-row European spring barley malt, a small amount of wheat malt and a blend of several hops.
The restaurant currently features three of the famous Hofbrau beers: Munchner Kindl Weissbier, a top-fermented wheat beer with 5.1% ab.v.; Hofhrau Dunkel, a bottom-fermented dark beer, with 5.5% a.b.v., and Hofbrau Premium Lager, 5.1% a.b.v.
The beers they were making were probably murky, top-fermented brews, but by the mid-19th century Czech brewers had developed pale, bottom-fermenting pilsners, and these promptly took the world by storm.
Floris Appel is brewed by Huyghe, in North Flanders--a brewery that has been making top-fermented ales since about 1654.