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a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand tools

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Stanley FatMax Pro Mobile ToolChest pounds 34.99 (0114 244 8883, SPACIOUS and sturdy, an extending steel handle enables you to pull around this polycarbonate chest on wheels.
The repressive and borderless alliance of terrorists and rogue states, the nontraditional nature of modern asymmetric warfare, and the potential for a few to use technology to create devastating, worldwide effects mean the President and other decisionmakers in the free world are faced with an increasingly global battlespace and a military toolchest primarily developed in the Cold War.
Linguistic Profiling, Trainers Toolchest, 877-288-6657,
The one continuing annoyance, though, is the need to drag out a toolchest to have all the implements necessary to accomplish the task.
his toolchest over his shoulder only to become an idler for the next ten
Nevertheless, the police duty rig will remain the officer's traveling armory and toolchest, and he or she will want to be ready to deal with as many contingencies as possible.
Our correctional toolchest is overflowing with resources and examples by which we can "work harder and smarter," and, as we so often must, "do more with less."
Intelligence 3.8 24 Cimplex 3.5 25 Adra 3 26 Bridgeport 3 27 Gerber 3 28 Gibbs 3 29 NCCS 3 30 Surfware 3 31 Sescoi 2.5 32 Camcentre 2 33 Cimlinc 2 34 Cutting Edge 2 35 Fujitsu 2 36 Toolchest 2 37 Weber 2 38 NC Microproducts 1.8 39 Datacut 1.5 40 Spring 1.2 Others(*) 33.7 Total 375 * Others include companies such as Aura Systems, Autotrol, BOBCAD-CAM, CRLF, Graftek, ItalCAD, Missler, NCM Systems, Pam-X, Silma, Solutionware, Tebis, Techsoft, Rapid Output, CG Tech, Progressive Software and Sailor First.