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British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)

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TONYBlair is the most unpopular politician of the last decade - more loathed than Margaret Thatcher - according to a poll of 1,394 visitors to my website.
EDUCATIONSecretary Ruth Kelly will announce a "revolutionaryban on junk food in schools at the Labour Party conference in Brighton next month TonyBlair will nod approval, Gordon Brown will applaud politely and John Prescott will wave the napkin he forgot to remove after his five-course lunch in Grand Hotel.
In the same edition, you report TonyBlair saying, in effect, that the Government will scatter money around London in the bid to have the Olympics there but not give a penny to Liverpool as Capital of Culture.
Birthdays: 1953: TonyBlair, 51, British Prime Minister.
TONYBlair is toclip thewings ofrowdyLabour PartychairmanCharlesClarkeaftera string of gaffes.
Earlier, Prime Minister TonyBlair said of his opponents in the Lords: ``They have simply got to understand: to continue to water down and dilute this legislation is not responsible.
The end of New Labour: TonyBlair came to power in 1997 with a promise to govern Britain in a new way.
TONYBlair doesn't need enemies with a friend like Ken Follett going on TV and condemning him.
TONYBlair defiantly offered Libya the ``hand of partnership'' as he headed for a meeting with Colonel Gaddafi yesterday.