tone deafness

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an inability to distinguish differences in pitch


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Be it because we were terminally tone deaf and beyond redemption, or whether it was because king of the whistlers Roger Whittaker was so popular at the time I have no idea, but at the time we were the whistling version of the Treorchy Male Voice Choir.
I think that only means that he is tone deaf," Karnad said.
London, June 12 ( ANI ): Cheryl Cole joked about her former footie star husband Ashley being tone deaf, while giving a radio interview.
Must the clumsy child always dread the weekly dancing lessons, the timid one the games sessions and the tone deaf the music periods?
AND so farewell then Skankie Frankie, the tone deaf rock 'n' roll wannabe with the crazy hair and crazier attitude.
Born to Shine ITV1, 8pm It's relatively easy to see why some members of the public insist on auditioning for The X Factor, despite being apparently tone deaf - it's a way to get on the TV.
There are a few good (private sector) initiatives but it's tone deaf in the (conference) documents.
Everyone has a vocal range and with the right tutor even people who think they're tone deaf will soon surprise themselves.
This site allows you to compare different pieces of music, and will then tell you how tone deaf you are.
Che Guevara and Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman were tone deaf.
GUITAR MAN: A SIX-STRING ODYSSEY, OR, YOU LOVE THAT GUITAR MORE THAN YOU LOVE ME comes from a 34-year-old who decides to play guitar even though he's tone deaf and has no rhythm.
In the world of the Emperor Penguin, it seems song is king, so it comes as a shock when his parents discover their bundle of fluff is hopelessly tone deaf.
He's so politically tone deaf that he declares to the media that he has assembled them to ``announce that there's no big announcement.
The entire population of China seems both tone deaf and color blind.
Eminem's enemies are tone deaf to his musical skills, though they're worth considering when pondering his appeal.