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Synonyms for tone

Synonyms for tone

a sound of distinct pitch and quality

a particular vocal quality that indicates some emotion or feeling

a distinctive way of expressing oneself

a general impression produced by a predominant quality or characteristic

a prevailing quality, as of thought, behavior, or attitude

the property by which the sense of vision can distinguish between objects, as a red apple and a green apple, that are very similar or identical in form and size

a shade of a color, especially a pale or delicate variation

tone down: to make less emphatic or obvious

tone down: to make or become less severe or extreme

Synonyms for tone

the quality of a person's voice

(linguistics) a pitch or change in pitch of the voice that serves to distinguish words in tonal languages

Related Words

the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people

a quality of a given color that differs slightly from another color

a steady sound without overtones

a musical interval of two semitones

the quality of something (an act or a piece of writing) that reveals the attitudes and presuppositions of the author

Related Words

utter monotonously and repetitively and rhythmically

vary the pitch of one's speech

change the color or tone of

give a healthy elasticity to

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The Sharks were 2-0 up by the end of the first period with goals from Struan Tonar and Iain Bowie.
As contradicoes entre as elites ilustradas e suas vinculacoes com as tradicoes e legados historicos oferecia uma matriz epistemica no interior do debate historiografico e, de certa forma, contribuiu para tonar a nacao uma realidade autoevidente (PALTI 2009, p.
(2) Enzo Mutivzabal, 18, of Leominster, sports the colors of Uruguay while drumming with the Tonar Celeste dance group.
Senior Erubam chide their juniors for insufficient attention to this aspect of debe tonar (gud passin -- literally 'good fashion, good custom' in allan tok [16]), but all island residents are socialized to it.