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a river that rises in northeastern Mississippi and flows southward through western Alabama to join the Alabama River and form the Mobile River

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"Tombigbee State Park is a great opportunity for us to help revitalize a longstanding component of north Mississippi that fosters family involvement and outdoor activities."
It drains into Sakatonchee [or Chuquatonchee] Creek, a major tributary of the Tombigbee River.
Nicolai and Daniels cruised through historic and appropriately-named White Bluff along the Tombigbee River.
Located along the Tennessee Tombigbee waterway, the facility has storage for gasoline, diesel and ethanol, and features direct access to most of the Gulf Coast refining centers through an interconnect with the Colonial pipeline system.
Despite her constant complaints of pain, the nurse returned to work with the Tombigbee Home Health Agency as a medical re-certification nurse, rather than as a visiting nurse, which provided her with a more comfortable work environment.
That was the $4 billion Thyssen Krupp AG steel and stainless steel plant that will be built on the Tombigbee River northeast of Mobile and will employ 2,800 and create as many as 38,000 indirect jobs during the next 20 years.
One was the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway, which parallels the Mississippi River from Memphis to the Gulf of Mexico.
Mencken (26) and remotely poked at school officials in a mock news report of the drowning of several MSCW undergraduates in the Tombigbee. One lark, conceived in study fatigue, actually scammed the Hershey Corporation out of a case of chocolate bars (24-25).
Located in west central Alabama at the confluence of the Black Warrior and Tombigbee Rivers, Demopolis was settled in 1817 by exiles from Napoleon's court.
By 1968, it was well known that the Marshall's pearly mussel, a distinctively colored freshwater mussel that lived in the Tombigbee River and its tributaries in Alabama and Mississippi, was highly imperiled due to river development and engineering projects.
Campanian ammonites from the Tombigbee Sand Member of the Eutaw formation, the Mooreville Formation, and the basal part of the Demopolis Formation in Mississippi and Alabama.
The proposed critical habitat includes portions of the Tombigbee River drainage in Mississippi and Alabama; portions of the Black Warrior River drainage in Alabama; portions of the Alabama River drainage in Alabama; portions of the Cahaba River drainage in Alabama; portions of the Tallapoosa River drainage in Alabama and Georgia; and portions of the Coosa River drainage in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.
Mississippi (1.1 million acres): Bienville, Chickasawhay, Delta, Holly Spring, Kelly Spring and Tombigbee
USS Patapsco AOG-1, USS Rio Grande AOG-3, USS Agawam AOG-6, USS Elkhorn AOG-7, USS Genesee AOG-8, USS Kishwaukee AOG-9, USS Nemasket AOG-10, USS Tombigbee AOG-11, USS Aroostook AOG-14, USS Sequatchee AOG-21, USS Ponchatoula AOG-38, USS Chestatee AOG-49, USS Chewaucan AOG-50, USS Mattabesset AOG-52, USS Namakagon AOG-53, USS Noxubee AOG-56: William Waller, Jr.