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Synonyms for headstone

Synonyms for headstone

the central building block at the top of an arch or vault

a stone that is used to mark a grave

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With reports of a grave being readied for Guru's bodyand even tomb stones prepared, the government does not want the terrorist is glorified in any way by separatists.
The delegation also revealed the destruction of about fifteen tomb stones or parts of the graves in different parts of the cemetery.
In early August, the Al-Aqsa Foundation for Waqf and Heritage, mandated with maintaining the site, said Israeli authorities began bulldozing several recently-renovated tomb stones and grave markers,.
An intensity 6 quake is violent enough to destroy up to 30 percent of houses and rip open roads in the afflicted area, while intensity 5 can cause fissures in walls, topple tomb stones and damage stone walls.
So what happened how come lady death scratched her name of my dance card the tomb stones fell away from my eyes, and lady grace gave me a ride home?
Unfortunately at one time there was no proper respect paid to it and tomb stones were taken up and used as paving stones on the side of the Cathedral.
There seems to be a hue and cry throughout the country that old churchyards should be made safe -old tomb stones re-laidand chest graves lowered.This edict seems to me like one of those Common Market straight banana ideas.
Japanese consumers now take it for granted that many of their clothes, furnishings, fresh vegetables, frozen tempura and even tomb stones are made in China.
It is not gloomy, walking amid the tomb stones, and the carefully carved Gothic statues and crosses that mark the final resting place of the old Greek Orthodox families, but rather calm and serene.