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Other than balaleet and baidh tomat, a typical Emirati breakfast includes chabab bread (Emirati pancake), khameer bread, khubz rigag (crepes) biseetah, a sweet dish made with dates and khabeesa, another dish made with wheat and dates.
Keefektifan waktu pengamatan aplikasi formulasi rizobakteri indigenos untuk mengendalikan layu fusarium dan meningkatkan hasil tanaman tomat di tanah ultisol.
"We have far less resources than the major brands sowe have to work wi someone that can be an underdog, someone that can come from behind and has something a little special," Tomat said.
Lotto president Lotto president And- andrea Tomat said: "We omat said: "We T are having trouble are having trouble organising some fast organising some fast production to let production to let everyone have this shirt everyone have this shirt that will become a that will become a memory of a historic memory of a historic achievement.
Whenever my aunties and uncles describe their favourite niece, the only words that come to mind is baidh o tomat (egg and tomato), writes May Al Mousawi.
The brands of the products are Kecap Manis Indofood, Saus Sambal and Saus Tomat Indofood with a 36% share of the market in the country and exports to Japan, Hong Kkong and Middle East.
Resi Tomat, the castle's education manager, translated the words after starting work at the now National Trust-owned property.
It is also considered to be an essential nutrient for the epigenome, due to its roles in enzymes that control methylation and 'epigenetically modify DNA and histones' (Tomat 2010).
The entire 51st floor of the Bahrain Financial Harbour's east tower will be transformed into a plush, relaxing Majlis, reminiscent of the old days, serving up traditional Bahraini dishes such as ballalit, kebab, beith tomat, louba, khoboz and meyawah.
Household Products: Skaneni Skurup AB, Sweden, for Bio Bact Tomat
Penrhyn Castle's learning and communications manager Resi Tomat said: "We forget now, with the National Trust ensuring public access to so many stately homes and castles in Wales, quite how few opportunities there were in 1952 to see inside a home like Penrhyn Castle."
The report details the changes in population; El Tomat has had the greatest influx, with more people than 3,600 people and Eldibaykaya more than 1,200.
That will trigger an a u tomat i c s i x -p o i n t deduction and drop John Kear's side below Crusaders, who start their own campaign four points in arrears.