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As a kid I used to wake up on Friday mornings and demand a real Bahraini breakfast, which consists of baidh o tomat and balaleet (a sweet saffron vermicelli) served with a cup of chai o haleeb (tea with milk).
That will trigger an a u tomat i c s i x -p o i n t deduction and drop John Kear's side below Crusaders, who start their own campaign four points in arrears.
Tomatoes for example were simply called tomat or foreign aubergines.
Tomat A, Gamba C A, Mandalunis P, De Grandi M C, Somoza J, Friedman S, Zeni S.
Media briefing Teo Greenstreet (right) of The Media Centre in Huddersfield, with (from left) Amanda Lennon, of Velocity, Andrew Clay, of The Round Foundry, Clare Healy, of Yorkshire Forward, Deborah Walsh, of the Media Centre Network, and Olivier Tomat, of the Elsie Whitley Centre Four centres get together for business
That was the view of the Nordmilch dairy co-op boss Stephen Tomat at an industry conference.
Sample some delightful canapes in the airy conservatory as you mull over a menu which may (it is changed regularly) include such temptations as grilled beef fillet layered with tomat o and olive salsa, stilton rarebit, mustard and tarragon jus or cannelloni of celeriac and wild mushrooms.
Many writers, (Turnbull and Ellis Robinson, 1990; Reynolds, 1983(a); Reynolds, 1983(b); Thompson 1981; Tomat 1978) have reported the benefit of musical activities whose objectives include motor co-ordination, listening and attending skills, sequential visual recall, decision making, language skills etc.
Lotto president Lotto president Andrea ndrea Tomat said: "We omat said: "We T are having trouble are having trouble organising some fast organising some fast production to let production to let everyone have this shirt everyone have this shirt that will become a that will become a memory of a historic memory of a historic achievement.