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any of various drums with small heads

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We had those words and we had this whole thing recorded but it didn't sound quite right, and I remember asking Geoff Emerick if we could really whack up the echo on the tom-toms. And we put this echo full up on the tom-toms and it just came alive."
Apparently, the permit is for all road-users, including rickshaws, taxis and Tom-toms.
The Swiv-O-Matic foot pedal led to the creation of flexible hardware for cymbals and tom-toms that set the standard for durability and ease of use, while the company's memory-lock system has been adapted by almost every other manufacturer.
It is within this context that the tom-toms are beating around supply chain finance (SCF).
Where are the tom-toms that should be beating louder and louder to build up to LIAM2?
Her music is suited to cosy, intimate venues and the dreamy Honestly OK gets an upbeat makeover with tom-toms and tambourine.
STARSKY & Hutch cheerleader Carmen Electra looks set to ditch her pom-poms for tom-toms. The busty ex-Baywatch babe, married to Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, has revealed her secret passion for banging her bongos.
If you suggested topless tom-toms in a lap-dancing club it would be condemned as sleaze but because this is part of a festival it is undoubtedly 'culture.'
Indian ceremonies, tom-toms, cheers, costumes, and painted faces may be part of their traditions.
"The tom-toms have been beating well between Newmarket and Chantilly and I hear High-Rise worked very well again yesterday."
Later, during the 1920s and 1930s, high-hat cymbals - at first less than one foot high and called low boys (Papa Joe Jones told me in 1981 that he invented the longer rod which brought the high hat to its present, aptly named height, but the Leedy drum company stole his idea and took all the rewards) - bass drum pedals, manufactured mounted and floor tom-toms, and larger cymbals came to be included in the drumset.