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a city on the Garonne River in southern France to the southeast of Bordeaux

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Tolosa said probers are securing footage of closed-circuit television cameras at the scene to identify the assailants.
Baggett, with a few other investors, bought out some of the other shares of Tolosa and wanted Hoefliger to revitalize the cellar.
Tolosa Hunt syndrome: critical literature review based on IHS 2004 criteria Cephalalgia 2006; 26:772-781.
In 1954, Tolosa [2] reported the first patient with this syndrome, who presented with left orbital pain, ipsilateral progressive visual loss, total left ophthalmoplegia, and reduced sensation over the first division of the trigeminal nerve.
Tolosa in 1954 elucidated the syndrome's clinical features [1] while Hunt et al.
The body of Spanish-born Dr Inigo Tolosa was discovered in a bath in a room at the Apollo Hotel, in Hagley Road, on March 10 this year.
The following are examples of the three types of errors: "Mi coplianos esta es 17 de Decembere" (My birthday is December 17) and "i have 11 years" The Colombian peer identified esta es as a grammatical error (two verbs meaning the same: is is), the word coplianos as a vocabulary error, and Decembere as a spelling error (Tolosa et al., 2013).
Bulgaria is at one of the leading positions in Central and Eastern Europe in macroeconomic stability, but needs reforms, said Guillermo Tolosa, the IMF representative to Bulgaria and Romania, quoted by the BTA wire service.
Ethiopian State Minister for Mines, Tolosa Shagi, said although an audit of the mining sector showed "small discrepancies", the reasons behind the discrepancies could easily be explained to the international community to convince them of Ethiopia's interest to maintain transparency.
Matnog, Philippines: Cocoy Roa, 46, from Tolosa town, in Leyte, packed 14 of his family members in a small Toyota Avanza van designed to carry only seven.
The same data were confirmed in a recent interview by Guillermo Tolosa, representative of the International Monetary Fund in Romania.