statute of limitations

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a statute prescribing the time period during which legal action can be taken

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Words of Caution About Tolling the Statute of Limitations in Cases of Memory Repression, 84 J.
Tolling the statute of limitations thus creates no potential for unfair surprise.
259) The Senate also changes the date for tolling the statute of limitations from the date of filing a complaint to the KOSHK date.
Thus, because "private antitrust litigation is one of the surest weapons for effective enforcement of the antitrust laws," (488) public policy favors tolling the statute of limitations for the pendency of government proceedings plus one year for private prosecutors to take advantage of such proceedings.
201) Consequently, in jurisdictions where an action is deemed commenced upon the filing of the complaint, there is no valid reason for tolling the statute of limitations simply because the plaintiff may subsequently have difficulty serving the defendant.
163) The plaintiff does not suffer any prejudice by tolling the statute of limitations, "since he presumably has notice at the time he commences his action of any counterclaim arising out of the same transaction as his suit.
In the absence of continuing efforts by a doctor to treat a particular condition, the policy underlying the continuous treatment doctrine does not justify tolling the statute of limitations.
Robsham, (30) protects the beneficiary's expectation that the trustee acts in his or her best interest by tolling the statute of limitations for equitable claims until the beneficiary has knowledge of the harm in question.
Yet, curiously, there is no mention of whether there was any disclosure of the laceration of the nerve in the patient's wrist, and no discussion of Fraudulent Concealment tolling the statute.