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a bridge where toll is charged for crossing

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How can we afford commuting from Langley to Downtown Vancouver with the increasing price of gas and the cost of toll bridges? Will the price of gas ever decrease?
WHAT A SPLASH: The launching of 'Barge Number 48' at Ledgard Bridge Dockyard in September 1948 (Kirklees ref: ke00402, Examiner ref: 48-4647); TOLL ORDER: Mirfield's two toll bridges and their guardians in January 1949.
FasTrak is the electronic toll collection system used by the eight Bay Area toll bridges to help traffic flow faster through the toll plazas.
Looking to see whether the five Member States could qualify for any exemptions insofar as their public toll road operators could not be considered as subject to tax for operations carried out as public authorities, the Court set two conditions, namely, that the tolls must be run directly by public operators; and in different conditions from private operators.The Court took the view that the two toll bridges concerned in Ireland were privately owned and therefore could charge VAT under the terms of the ruling.
The city, one of America's most diverse urban centers, is held together by a complex network of public works infrastructure, including roads, toll bridges, subway tunnels, water mains, gas lines, and millions of miles of telephone and television cables and electrical conduit.
SIR - I remember reading somewhere about a suggestion to construct a 50ft-high Welsh-made iron dragon breathing fire while greeting motorists as they drove into Wales across the M4 toll bridges.
Transport minister Stewart Stevenson said: "It is unfair that the two road bridges into and out of Fife are the only toll bridges in Scotland."
SCOTTISH drivers could face traffic chaos if Eurocrats push through plans to tax toll bridges.
He said: "We believe that it is unfair and unacceptable that the two road bridges into and out of Fife are the only remaining toll bridges in Scotland."
Anti-toll campaigners are furious that other private toll bridges in Britain have their VAT reimbursed while the Treasury extracts millions of pounds from drivers taking the M4 into Wales.
Now the only two toll bridges left in Scotland are those that connect Fife with its nearest big cities, Dundee and Edinburgh.
The toll bridges over the Severn are creating profits for the shareholders, and who is paying for it?