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British philologist and writer of fantasies (born in South Africa) (1892-1973)

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But Tolkien scholar Tom Shippey says the Tolkien estate has refused to allow the series to be set during any period other than the Second Age.
Those men are: Geoffrey Bache Smith, Robert Quilter Gilson and Christopher Wiseman, who with Tolkien called themselves the Tea Club and Barrovian Society (or T.C.B.S.) when the four met as teenage friends at King Edward's School in Birmingham.
Now the spotlight is being turned on the writer's early years in new biographical drama Tolkien, starring Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins, which premieres in London tonight before going on general release on Friday.
Largely set during the writer's early years in Birmingham, Tolkien is being touted as a love story which explains how he came to write the Middle Earth classics.
Humphrey Carpenter in his biography on Tolkien describes a usual day in Tolkien's life in Oxford.
How might one reconcile this overwhelming impulse toward a political interpretation of Tolkien's writing with the strident disavowal of such misreadings on the part of the author?
He says he was warned by Tolkien that revealing their secret would remove his status as a "special one" in God's eyes, and he would be punished by the Almighty.
Tolkien: Romanticist and Poet to be a very important contribution to Tolkien studies, on a par with Garth and Drout.
Cast members, some wearing bowler hats and others in bustles, were spotted around Dale Street as filming on Tolkien got under way.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Collins will portray the role of Edith Bratt, Tolkien's great love and eventual wife, who inspired the elven princess characters in the 'Lord of the Rings' saga.
With painstaking care, this father-and-son duo examine Tolkien as environmentalist, displaying the extent to which Tolkien designed his mythos -- down to the plant life.
Tolkien wrote a century ago.Fans will recognize in the tale of Beren and LE[bar]thien, published on Thursday, elements that would make up J.R.R.
Tolkien (1892-1973) could be particularly inspiring for leaders.
Tolkien poems have mysteriously surfaced in an old school magazine - one revealing an early version of a Lord of the Rings character.