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Hungarian wine made from Tokay grapes

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variety of wine grape originally grown in Hungary

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Like most kinds of geckos, Tokays have ridges on their toes (see photo, right).
The wines of the world that manage to achieve this balance includethe great Sauternes and Liore Chenins of France, late harvested Rieslings of the aforementioned Germany, Austria and Australia, the Tokays of Hungary and a whole host of variations on the Muscat grape from all over Europe.
But as times would have it, the lead article was not on Tokays but on "Reviving California's Wine Industry," by H.F.
The former owner used them as an early red table grape; picking and shipping them before the Lodi Tokays ripened.
Seems that the Ribier and Red Malaga are replacing all the other red grapes until mid-season when the Tokays and then the Emperors replaced them.
Seedless (grapes) of impossible amber color and Tokays in shades of red never seen in any vineyard are some features worthy of attention" and "Varieties such as Seedless should have good green stems while Emperors are wanted with well dried stems", "Cleats which give the appearance of an extra full package are a good investment", and so on for some 20 more ideas.
Franklin: "Can't you get up some way for us growers to dispose of our second-grade Tokays, the grapes we can't pick.
And the fast-disappearing Tokays had their first good crop in five years, with prices from $160 to $175 a ton.
Some quotes: North Coast whites $135 to $145 per ton; reds, $115 to $125; Central Valley: Thompsons, $80 to $90; Tokays, about $105; Muscats, $105 and reds, $110.