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Hungarian wine made from Tokay grapes

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variety of wine grape originally grown in Hungary

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Although wildlife experts and environmentalists say there is no scientific proof to substantiate the purported medicinal properties of this reptile species, the tokay gecko has become hot property.
The revelation came after officers of Indian Paramilitary force Sashastra Seema Bal ( SSB) rescued seven tokay gecko which is known as ' Keko Saap' in local parlance in Northeast.
Alipurduar (West Bengal) [India], June 24 ( ANI ): The Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) and forest department in a joint operation arrested a person with a Rhino horn and Tokay Gecko worth over Rs two crore.
A female tokay gecko, one of eight new residents in the Reptile House
Asia : Activists warned Thursday that wild populations of Southeast Asia's striking Tokay Gecko were in danger of being over-hunted for use in traditional medicine in China and other countries.
The toe pads (1) of the Tokay gecko are made up of a hierarchical set of structures--flexible ridges covered with bristles which have branched tips that end in nanoscale spatula-shape structures.
Guwahati, Aug.15 ( ANI ): Police in Assam have arrested five out of six persons for smuggling the rare Tokay Gecko lizard, thought to cure cancer.
"In fact, the gecko is the best in that it can climb on the smoothest surface, such as glass--up the wall and up to the ceiling at a meter a second." Among the different varieties of gecko, the tokay gecko is particularly good, and it gets quite large, making it easier to work with.
Izadi compared how the footpads of tokay geckos (Gekko gecko) stuck to two polymer surfaces.
" Tokay Geckos, popular in the pet trade, were seized in 14 seizures in northeast India.
Hansen and Kellar Autumn coated the feet of live Tokay geckos with ceramic microspheres.
To examine a gecko's cling, Stark and colleagues put harnesses on six tokay geckos (Gekko gecko) and put them on four surfaces which varied in their wettability, or their degree of water resistance.
The team decided to find out how Tokay geckos with wet feet cope on wet and dry surfaces, but first they had to find out how well their geckos clung onto glass with dry feet.