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Japanese army officer who initiated the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and who assumed dictatorial control of Japan during World War II

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"We're extremely pleased to welcome Matthew to our Pharmavite team," said Tojo. "Over the course of his career, Matthew has achieved strong results driving the successful introduction of consumer-centric new products, and implementing cutting-edge science and technologies that have resulted in meaningful results in the marketplace.
Stratalux has acquired the AWS Software division of Tojo Media, the company said.
The shrine enshrines war criminals, including wartime leader Hideki Tojo, among the 2.5 million war dead.(AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko) (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko).
ANDY JOHNSON, the ownertrainer who handled the likes of One Yard, Bubbly Tojo, Hee Haws Barney and Bubbly Jason, is back in greyhound racing after a spell away from the sport.
Ki-44 'Tojo' Aces of World War 2 joins others in Osprey's 'Aircraft of the Aces' reference series and considers his this model represented a radical departure from the Japanese Army Air Force's emphasis on aerobatics.
We have been given images of a marine shooting a flamethrower at an octopus with Tojo's head and of "Mr.
So Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo and General Franco have got nothing to be criticised for?
Chapter three examines the criteria by which the prosecutors abided by in order to determine who would stand trial as so-called Class A war criminal suspects including Tojo Hideki, Japan's prime minister at the onset of the Pacific War.
Hatoyama clashed with Tojo and, as a result, he had to spend some time in seclusion at a villa in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture.
Enhanced with an informed and informative preface by Angela Murrills, with commentaries by Umberto Menghi, Karen Barnaby, Hidekazu Tojo, Francois Gagnon, Vikram Vij and others, "The Genius of James Barber" is a fitting tribute to an illustrative culinary career and a welcome addition to both personal and community library cookbook collections.
Given that Hoshijima, 34, admitted to the charges that he intended to sexually assault Rurika Tojo and then murdered her, the focus of the trial was on whether he would face the death sentence for killing one person.
Meanwhile, there was the question of the prosecution of Japanese war criminals, headed by Tojo Hideki, nicknamed 'Razor', a high-ranking army officer from a military, family.
FISKDALE Raymond Howard "Tojo Lashombe, 82, died September 4th, at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA after complications stemming from a recently diagnosed brain tumor.
Hideki Tojo was critical of Japan's acceptance of the 1945 Potsdam Declaration that urged the country to surrender to the Allies unconditionally to end World War II in the Pacific theater, his private notes, recently found at the National Archives of Japan, showed.
JAPAN'S fanatical World War II prime minister Hideki Tojo wanted to keep on fighting even after atomic bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, documents released yesterday show.