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Synonyms for stirrup

support consisting of metal loops into which rider's feet go


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the stirrup-shaped ossicle that transmits sound from the incus to the cochlea

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085 kp kg-1 BM), and toe stirrups, there is clearly the need to develop normative data for the WAnT that corrects the deficiencies.
Modifications to the ergometer included: (a) alloy cage pedals with clips and toe stirrups (16); and (b) aluminum alloy mountain bike handlebars with ergonomically designed handgrips (Gripping Solutions, El Paso, TX).
1] BM, which is more appropriate for non-athletes and no toe stirrups.
The WAnT protocol for this study used toe stirrups in accordance with findings of LaVoie et al.
Anaerobic testing using the Wingate and EvansQuinney protocols with and without toe stirrups.