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type genus of the Todidae

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CFA = Coereba flaveola, CPA = Columbina passerina, SCR = Setophaga caerulescens, SDI = Setophaga discolor, SPA = Setophaga palmarum, STI = Setophaga tigrina, EFA = Elaenia fallax, LVI = Loxigilla violacea, MPA = Microligea palustris, MVA = Mniotilta varia, MST = Myiarchus stolidus, PPA = Phaenicophilus palmarum, SAU = Seiurus aurocapilla, SDO = Spindalis dominicensis, TPL = Turdus plumbeus, and TSU = Todus subulatus.
Noteworthy among these are eight endemic species, including the bee hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae), the world's smallest bird, and the Cuban tody (Todus multicolor), a small, colorful bird that digs tunnels in embankments for nesting.
Here, we present results of a study on body temperature regulation and metabolic rate of one species, the Puerto Rican Tody (Todus mexicanus).
Key words: body temperature; Coraciiformes; energetics; heterothermy; hypothermia; metabolic rate; Puerto Rican Tody; thermoregulation; Todus mexicanus; torpor.
"For the image quality, it has a very competitive price," said Meg Todus, product manager for the camera at Hewlett-Packard.