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a genus of delicate ferns belonging to the family Osmundaceae

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* tendency of half of the population to use electronic products older than 3 years (Todea, 2012), sometimes even until they break (especially refrigerators and washing machines).
Leptopteris y Todea son grupos hermanos que forman un linaje denominado informalmente "clado leptopteroide" de Australia, Nueva Zelanda y sudeste de Asia (Escapa & Cuneo, 2012) y constituyen el grupo hermano de Osmunda.
First record of Todea (Osmundaceae) in South America, from the early Eocene paleo rainforests of Laguna del Hunco (Patagonia, Argentina)".
Thinking to the history of the Greek-Catholic Church in Romania, it is easy to mention: personalities like Inochentie Micu Klein, Iuliu Hossu, Ioan Suciu or Alexandru Todea; places like Blaj; or cultural brands like the Transylvanian School.
Then Romania joined the EU, the Rural Development Plan appeared and that was when our programs started focusing on teaching farmers how to apply for European funding." Radu Todea is a young graduate of the Civil Engineering Faculty, but he decided to work in animal breeding, after he learnt how to do it at the Agrovision farm.
Previous studies showed that gametophytes of different genera as: Pteridium, Histiopteris, Todea, Cyathea, Asplenium, Blechnum and Schizaea pusilla grown in natural environments were colonized by arbuscular mycorrhiza when they were found in places where nutrients were unavailable (Cooper 1976, Swatzell et al.
However, as Todea points out, immigration helps boost output in the labor market.
As Todea writes, "the fact that individuals are attracted by the prospect of immigration is linked to the fact that immigration promotes prosperity and productivity at the level of all communities." (46) To deny this possibility would be incorrect.
Todea from the lower Cretaceous of western North America: implications for the phylogeny, systematics, and evolution of modern Osmundaceae.
The bishops Aron Marton of Alba Iulia and Alexandru Todea (who became a cardinal) spent their lives in prison or under house arrest.
Todea, Notiuni fundamentale de metodologia cercetarii stiintifice medicale, Ed., Marineasa, Timisoara, Romania (2004).
With its mountainous rhizome over 1.5 metres high, this Todea barbara, which may be over 1,000 years old and probably arrived in Scotland from its native South Africa via Australia, is now the highlight of the rebuilt fernery.
During the competition stages, when full take-offs are used, apart from special speed exercises, the development of this skill will be performed separately or at the same time as the technique, during take-offs, as some specialists state; Todea, (1971), Bauersfel, (1979), Gracev, (1981), Tatu, (1981) all quoted by professor Ionescu, [Ionescu Bondoc, PhD thesis, Chisinau, 2004].
TODEA, S., 2005, Theory of Physical Education and Sport, Ed Tomorrow Foundation of Romania, Bucharest, 141-142.