Tocantins River

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a river in eastern Brazil that flows generally north to the Para River

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The dam's hydroelectric Serra da Mesa was closed in 1996 in the upper Tocantins River and became the largest reservoir in the country by volume of water and the fifth in the flooded area (Albrecht et al., 2009).
Located in southern Pardi at the intersection of a trunk road of the Belem-Brasilia with the Trans-Amazon highways, Maraba is also intersected by both the train that runs from the mineral-rich Carajas hills to the port of Sao Luis and the Tocantins River, which is navigable all the way to Belem.
For example, many of the 20,000 people evicted from the island of Sao Luis on Brazil's Tocantins River for an Alcoa refinery and smelter were never compensated (O'Neill earned $36 million in compensation last year), as reported by Terje Langeland in the Colorado Daily.
MAB representatives included people from communities threatened by planned dams in the central Amazon who had travelled for up to a week by boat and bus to reach Curitiba; farmers displaced by Itaparica Dam who have just filed a claim with the World Bank's inspection panel, arguing that Bank financing of the dam violated its rules on resettlement and environmental protection; people living downstream of the huge Tucurul Dam in the eastern Amazon, who have suffered filthy water, an explosion in mosquitoes and increased disease since the Tocantins River was impounded; and representatives of the rural communities in the Uruguay River basin which have been successfully fighting a proposed complex of 22 dams for 20 years.
The Parnaiba and Tocantins River basins are humid, and they have an ample supply of water.
Using some of this information, Rio Capim Caulim was formed in mid-1992 to carry out exploration of areas located in Para State, east of the Tocantins River. Economic kaolin mineralisation was encountered and the resulting project is scheduled to start production during 1995.
Suzuki, unpublished), period that coincides with that of Tocantins River (Medeiros et al.
In 1984, the Brazilian government completed construction of the Tucurui Dam on the Tocantins River in the Amazon basin.
Last December 29, in what may have been Brazil's worst massacre of the twentieth century, military police opened fire on about 3,000 unarmed demonstrators who were occupying a bridge over the Tocantins River at Maraba, in the northern state of Par&.
The maximum value verified in the present study was also significantly higher than the values of 10.6 cm found by Collart and Moreira (1993) on the Careiro Island, central Amazonia, and Collart (1987) on the lower Tocantins river, Para State.
The Serra da Mesa hydroelectric power complex is the largest in Brazil by water volume, playing a major role in the nation's energy sector; located in the Alto Tocantins river basin (Tocantins-Araguaia Hydrographic Region) in Goias State, it has three power generation plants.
Feeding of Cichla monoculus Spix, 1829 (Teleostei: Cichlidae) during and after reservoir formation in the Tocantins River. Acta Limnol.
This is a medium-sized fish (maximum standard length = 27.9 cm) found in headwaters of the Parana, Sao Francisco and Tocantins river basins, restricted to lotic environments with the presence of riparian vegetation (LIMA et al., 2008).