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an Apocryphal book that was a popular novel for several centuries

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Data were analysed using descriptive statistics and Tobit regression technique.
In order to measure the extent to which the calculated DEA scores were a function of so-called 'external' variables, a second stage Tobit analysis of the DEA results was undertaken, the results of which are reported below.
The proportion of health expenditure is censored at zero for 35% of the households and for this reason we follow a Tobit model specified as follows:
At the same time a prayer is being offered up by a young woman, Sarah, daughter of Raguel, a kinsman of Tobit's.
The estimation results for the probit model, the Poisson model, and the Tobit model are displayed in Tables 3, 4, and 5, respectively.
Despite the apparently satisfactory Tobit estimation results, diagnostic tests reveal nonnonnality and heteroskedasticity.
To take advantage of the Bayesian approach and multivariate QR modeling, the Bayesian bivariate Tobit QR models were proposed integrating the latent QR model with multivariate modeling into the Bayesian framework so as to accommodate the issues above.
We add to the existing literature such as Melitz (2003) and Chaney (2008) empirically by utilizing gravity framework in a panel data setting, using the Tobit model.
An alternative approach is suggested by a method proposed by Eaton and Kortum (2001) based on the Tobit model.
Tobit model explored the negative impact of education, experience, extension services and credit availability on inefficiency.
To overcome the econometric problems that arise when the dependent variable is censored at zero for a non-negligible portion of the sample, the Tobit model, single- (Tobin 1958) or multiequation (Amemiya 1974), is normally relied upon.
In two-stage DEA model, introducing Tobit regression model enables it to explain the significance of environmental variables on efficiencies.
The Tobit model was first coming forward in [31] as a hybrid of probit analysis and multiple regression for household expenditure with censoring data.
The researchers used a hierarchical Tobit regression analysis to determine the association between disease and CAC level, as measured by the Agatston score.