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Synonyms for toady

fawn on


Synonyms for toady

one who flatters another excessively

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

Synonyms for toady

a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage

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Certainly not those currently leading this country, who pick and choose their sheep very carefully, making sure they speak the same language of tokenism and toadyism.
WHAT do communism, fascism, fawning toadyism, and raw ambition, have in common?
In self-defense, most viewers try to find a reviewer, usually in print, who fits their tastes, who shows a modicum of intelligence and knowledge of film, and who doesn't insult with toadyism and self-serving congratulations.
For the Revolutionary government, it was in large part an era of corruption, decadence and toadyism to Yankee demands.
If New Labour still stands for anything it should end this charade of rewarding toadyism.
Can women not tell the difference between toadyism and charity?
52] No family, however, could rival the Nevilles for toadyism.
Although universities have always pandered to wealthy patrons, universities' toadyism intensified after President Reagan slashed spending on domestic programs.
Writing from Melbourne in 1887, the British radical Joseph Symes commented: `In spite of the toadyism and petty tyranny so prevalent here, there is a strong undercurrent of genuine freedom, above which the hoary institutions of tyranny float, as yet buoyed up by social corks and bladders filled with Old World sentiments and pious vapours'.