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Synonyms for taekwondo

a Korean martial art similar to karate


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JSW has compared the specific energy and polymer temperature between the screw configuration with TKD and with KD.
As positive effect of TKD is that it enables a reduction of the inner pressure of barrels at the kneading section, reducing local heating.
The two 1st Dans, Mr Dave Goat along with his brother Jimmy, went on to establish the Shaftesbury TKD club in Tranmere, they also had classes at Byrne Avenue Sports Centre, and night school classes in Liverpool.
As part of that mission, LUPO TKD establishes USA Taekwondo Official Training Centers in America's premier, health, fitness, and sports facilities.
TKD Tigers is currently holding sample sessions for schools in Dubai.
This is where TKD Europe's unique Livewire system delivers.
Partha has not only been training for the championships with the help of Solihull-based TKD expert Dave Oliver, he has lost nearly a stone in order to slim down to the lightweight division.
For me, TKD did not come easily and I had to work hard to get where I am.
TKD was also impressed with the existing design of the space.
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