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a New Testament book containing Saint Paul's epistle to Titus

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While Titus's killing of Mutius may seem barbaric and unjust to everyone on stage (and likely in the audience as well), Titus acts as if it was morally sound.
Media Contact: Scott Rajavuori, Titus Contracting, (952) 746-7817, scott@tituscontracting.
The final bloodbath scene also raised much laughter from an audience who had for most of the evening been pinned to the edge of their seats to bear witness to the horrors suffered by Titus and his family.
TITUS Document Policy Manager automatically applies visual security labels and converts documents to PDF to enhance security and raise awareness when users are accessing sensitive content.
The institution where Titus completed his educational journey could not be more different from the one he started in, a one-room schoolhouse in rural Pennsylvania,
Clearly impaired and unseemly, Saturninus proved easy prey for the vengeful Tamora whom Lautier played with both disdain for the unmanly Saturninus and closely controlled rage at the self-righteous Titus.
Dr Titus also took a chance on young pathologists right out of training, mentored them, and watched them grow up to be internationally recognized experts in pathology, chairs of pathology departments, and editor of a major journal.
His brother, former Toon star Titus, sat in the public gallery yesterday as the verdict was read out.
Robin Titus leads quite an unusual life for a 25-year-old.
We see Shakespeare's world through the eyes of many characters and in Titus Andronicus, an Elizabethan horror show, his imagination spawned characters so depraved their actions are often hard to watch.
Sunderland defender Titus Bramble, 29, wrote: "Thanks for all your support.
It all begins when teenaged Titus Attwater, traumatized by the death of his parents and neglected by his older sister, gets a surprise visit from young Atreus Stark, his exact twin from another world.
TITUS FASAWE always had a passion to teach and has now embarked on a new career, developing The Listener Service as well as self-publishing his first book from The Open Mind Series.
Sebastian Peake, the son of the author of the Gormenghast series of books, Mervyn Peake, is to publish a new Gormenghast novel titled Titus Awakes.