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a New Testament book containing Saint Paul's epistle to Titus

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Later PO2 Salvador arrived to investigate and found out that the two men who brought the lifeless body of Alvin were Titus and Ian.
AGC Partners served as financial advisor and Gowlings WLG served as legal advisor to TITUS.
We are pleased to be working together with Spectrami to grow our presence in the Middle East," said Sanjeev Nakra, regional sales director, Middle East, TITUS.
Titus Contracting and their clients in Plymouth worked together to complete the home's transformation.
Rheumatism and gout kept Titus bound to a wheelchair during the last few years of his life when he became an avid civic leader.
Lee Titus later bought a 10-acre parcel that was home to a burned-down farmhouse and abandoned prune orchard on nearby Ehlers Lane in 1972, and in 1976 he bought about 18 acres of pasture land adjacent to the southern edge of the first property.
Dawn Paisley-O'Riordan with son Titus, 14, and daughter | |Jet-Leigh, two; and, inset, Titus's black eye Pictures: VICTORIA TETLEY
That Titus believes he and his sons should defend Rome without question recalls the blind obedience of the Abraham and Isaac story.
The play begins with Roman general Titus returning victorious from a war with the Goths, bringing with him Goth Queen Tamora, her three sons and Aaron the Moor (her secret lover) as prisoners.
TITUS products leverage existing document metadata combined with trusted user claims to ensure that security is applied automatically and consistently across all SharePoint content.
When we designed Titus, we challenged our engineers to not only retain certain capabilities but also to innovate and add capabilities--to really make the platform robust, highly functional and easy to use.
But Titus has no illusions of getting hired, and he is just fine with that.
StarLink, a specialised value added distributor has partnered with TITUS, a global provider of enterprise data security and governance solutions.
Stratford's Titus Andronicus was gaudily lit and costumed in the style of Hollywood's historical epics of the 1950s.
Titus, MD, PhD, internationally renowned cardiovascular pathologist, died in North Oaks, Minnesota, at the age of 84.