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the role of the character after whom the play is named

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While Cavill - who missed out on the titular role for 2006 movie 'Superman Returns' - endured a tough workout schedule to ensure he was in the right shape to portray the superhero, he enjoyed waking up every morning and reminding himself he was playing the role.
Eve plays her titular role with energy and winning charm, but, frankly, all Frankie did for me was make me ask the press office at Sky Atlantic when the next series of Nurse Jackie was starting (they don't know for sure, but probably in the autumn).
Alan, 47, was also thrilled to be back in the titular role which made him a household name.
Two years later she was nominated for a Golden Globe for the titular role in Selena, and in 1999 released her debut single If You Had My Life.
Houston's biggest role was in the blockbuster film The Bodyguard, which found her playing a part much like herself, entrusting her well-being to the titular role, filled by Kevin Costner.
DeKnight said about the actor who played the titular role in the first season.
Two-time Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn plays the titular role of Vera Stanhope, an obsessive, short-tempered, and sometimes thoughtless investigator.
and this time the titular role falls to Delia McNally, a science teacher from East Boldon.
If they are good enough to represent their country then it follows they have earned sufficient respect to be given the titular role of captain.
After seven years as abbot, he stepped down and was appointed to the titular role of Abbot of Tewkesbury, advocating the benefit of spiritual retreats.
But the titular role he embodies in the dark new dramedy The Fluffer has nothing to do with prepubescent flatulence, dryer settings, or even quilting.
Charlize Theron copes in the titular role, a part that seems eerily similar to her character in ``The Devil's Advocate.
Ritter, who plays the titular role on the series, added that it's important for him to see "Kevin (Probably) Saves the World" get picked up for another season because there are only a few optimistic shows like it on TV today.
It's a solid film that bolsters its innately compelling narrative with standout performances by the three lead actors: Jyotika in the titular role of a no-nonsense police officer; G.