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(computer science) a horizontal label at the top of a window, bearing the name of the currently active document

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dalestreetblues great lengths to ensure there were no party political logos on the website, and I never noticed the one in the title bar.
You can quickly send a palette to the nearest screen edge if you Shift + Click on the palette title bar (not the palette tab).
According to Microsoft, "a malicious user could create a link to a deceptive (spoofed) Web site that displays the address, or URL, to a legitimate Web site in the status bar, address bar and title bar.
But they all use the page titles, the text that appears in the blue title bar.
Word creates a copy of the file, closes the original ChillFill letter and changes the file name in the title bar to Launch Party Letter.
In the active application, hold down Command and double click on a background window's title bar to collapse it without making it active.
1 includes five new capabilities: individual corner design, which allows each mat corner to be changed independently of other corners; a debossing magazine, which contains a small steel ball that leaves a semi-circular depression on the surface of the mat; a choice of either an open or closed V-groove on title bar designs; bridge mat options that allow for enabling and disabling of the moats and/or legs; and an undo/redo function for multiple-opening mat designs, which allows for up to 10 steps.
They can be labeled and the title bar removed to maximize space.
In the Reference section of the title bar menu there is a chart explaining the AHPA ratings.
Text on the title bar of the image displays the zoom ratio for easy reference.
During re-cross examination Tuesday, government attorney David Boies was able to show that still screen shots of the videotape, which purported to run the same Internet Explorer (IE) removal program as Allchin had used in his own tests, included a title bar which indicated that the program had not been used at all.
Updated daily, it offers the most on its America Online site: simply hit the "keyword" box on the title bar and type CNS.
Push an icon in the title bar at the top of the open document or application, and the screen rolls up like a window shade.
The title bar, at the top of the dialogue box, will read "Netscape -[Welcome to Netscape].
The trouble with this, though, is that some unruly applications will stick their title bar underneath the taskbar and you're unable to move or resize the application.