interstitial fluid

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liquid found between the cells of the body that provides much of the liquid environment of the body

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The lab found that when bacteria are exposed to penicillin under conditions mimicking human tissue fluids they do not explode but slowly die because they are trapped in their own solidified wall.
33) is the source of water and electrolytes in blood and tissue fluid.
Furthermore, the protein content of tissue fluid is about a quarter that of blood and the flow rate in tissue fluid is also much lower than that in veins.
It can be likened to a waste disposal system, taking tissue fluid, bacteria, proteins and waste products away.
VAC removes tissue fluid, thereby decreasing local oedema and shrinks the wound.
tendency to hemolysis, and hemoglobin and tissue fluid as contaminants.
Tissue fluid, and not the lachrymal gland fluid, contributed to the "tear glucose" after mechanically stimulated methods of collection, making the relationship between tear glucose and blood glucose concentrations similar to that between blood glucose and tissue fluid (11).
This technology newly developed by combining Sysmex's micro- invasive tissue fluid extraction technology with Toshiba's optical sensing technology allows glucose levels to be measured using interstitial fluids instead of the blood samples currently required by conventional techniques.
The literature contains reports of diffusion of aluminum ions, which can reach toxic levels in tissue fluid and adjacent bone as the cement hardens.
The fluid is tissue fluid, so it can't spread the reaction to other areas of the child or to another person.
Bioengineering is being used to develop instruments for investigating shifts in local tissue fluid during microgravity and for preventing musculoskeletal deconditioning during long flights.
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