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(Greek mythology) the blind prophet of Thebes who revealed to Oedipus that Oedipus had murdered his father and married his mother

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111112) salienta que a conversa com Tiresias e decisiva para desvelar a ignorancia na qual Edipo esta mergulhado.
Eliot provides a note about Tiresias in which he advises readers to look again to Metamorphosis (3.409-452) for details relevant to understanding his poem.
Therefore, Tiresias undertakes to seek deliverance for himself.
La vision de Tiresias (de Sofocles) de la inversion del mundo de los vivos y del mundo de los muertos ha cobrado hoy para nosotros una sobrecogedora actualidad.
Further still, Walter explains that Eliot's brand of impersonality highlights "universal embodiment" all the while "preserving gender difference," as seen in his gendered narration of Tire Waste Land', the narrator, Tiresias, takes on both the female and male genders at different points in the poem, but rather than retaining both genders in "the same impersonal guide," Tiresias "later cho[oses] to become a man again" (239).
In Greek mythology, Tiresias disclosed the crimes of who?
The two operas in question dated from an earlier era of state-sanctioned terrorism, Viktor Ullmann's Der Kaiser von Atlantis, written in the Theresienstadt concentration camp before the composer was shipped to his death in Auschwitz, and Francis Poulenc's Les mamelles de Tiresias, written in the aftermath of Paris's liberation from Nazi rule.
de Sour El Ghozlane [beaucoup plus grand que], Poemes d'Algerie, 1972-1998, editions Tiresias (Paris, 1998), [beaucoup moins que] œuvres choisies [beaucoup plus grand que], Union des ecrivains Algeriens (Alger, 2003).
Within the play, the old man Tiresias has begun to pay tribute to Dionysius because, while blind, he "sees" the god's true nature.
Novamente vale rememorar discursos que fundamentaram a qualificacao da mulher na historia ocidental, como os recuperados por Metge, na idade media, da diatribe contra as mulheres apresentada por Tiresias.