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United States artist who developed Tiffany glass (1848-1933)

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However, Tiphaine Besnard, a union spokeswoman for the sex workers' union, said that the matter hadn't progressed in a long time.
fr; Tiphaine Hecketsweiler, +33(0)1-53-70-74-70, thecketsweiler@image7.
They are soon banished from polite society and their invitations to Madame Tiphaine and her associates to come admire their pretentious house are left unanswered.
Emmanuel Sagui, * Lenaick Ollivier, ([dagger]) Tiphaine Gaillard ([double dagger]) Fabrice Simon, * Patrick Brisou, ([double dagger]) Philippe Puech, ([section]) and Alain Todesco ([dagger])
1) I'm thinking here of figures such as Jean Echenoz, Marie Redonnet, Gerard Gavarry, Lydie Salvayre, Christian Gailly, Helene Lenoir, Patrick Lapeyre, Jacques Jouet, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Marie Ndiaye, Antoine Volodine, Tiphaine Samoyault, Patrick Deville, Olivier Targowla, Anne Garreta, Marcel Benabou, Xabi Molia, Olivia Rosenthal, Isabelle Levesque, Iegor Gran, Danielle Memoire, Eric Chevillard, Linda Le, Nathalie Quintane, Laurent Mauvignier, Christian Oster, Marie Darrieussecq, Maryline Desbiolles, Pierre Michon, Eric Laurrent, Annie Ernaux, Caroline Lamarche, Jacques Serena, Olivier Rolin, Regis Jauffret, Amelie Nothomb, Pierre Senges, Emmanuele Bernheim, Yann Apperry, Marie Cosnay, Emmanuel Carrere, Anne Godard, Yves Ravey, and Tanguy Viel, to name just a few.
Jake Chapman, who once dated Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue, is nowmarried tomodel Rosemary Ferguson while brother Dinos married Tiphaine de Lussey of the children's clothes label Miss Fleur.
You don't need a passport to come here," said Alain Tiphaine, head of the hotel and tourism association in Puerto Rico, a U.
Tiphaine Ravenel Bonetti, (a) Anne Erpelding, (b) Laxmi Raj Pathak (c)
The court was told that copies of the book were sent to subscribers such as Ernest Munyankindi on 29 November, to Emmanuel Kaouhijev, Tiphaine Dickson and Seraphine Babona on 30 November, and to Francine Uwera on 3 December.
Stevens, a student at Pierce, along with Tiphaine Williams of Acton, Scott Murphy of Santa Paula and Dannielle Sahagian of Simi Valley, will represent the college.