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Italian painter of the Venetian school (1518-1594)

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17) Tintoretto muestra el brazo derecho--lo mismo hace Lope--de Holofernes (cuyo cadaver se encuentra en la cama, sugiriendo los juegos amatorios previos a la decapitacion).
Above: Jacopo Comin (Robusti), called Tintoretto (1518-1594) The Contest between Apollo and Marsyas About 1545 (oil on canvas).
After Clive's death in 1774, the Mystic Marriage was consigned to Christie's for auction, (3) and like Wright's Tintoretto and Palma Giovane, it has not been heard of since.
Linking him to figures like Abelard (and Heloise), Tintoretto, and Andrew Marvell, Szentkuthy invests Casanova with a terrible grandeur, his austere indictment of sentimentality and the cult of reason flying in the face of the testimony of the Enlightenment.
Admirador de la teatralidad de las esteticas manierista y barroca--principalmente Tintoretto y Tiepolo--, Ramirez construye cada imagen como un escenario que transmuta el espacio moderno racional, plano y sin profundidad, en una espacialidad vertiginosa que se relaciona con la percepcion corporal y emotiva del espectador.
Guild house Scuola grande di San Rocco is a masterpiece of Tintoretto.
Amabile's imagery is so rich that it's easy to see through his eyes, even when the main action is subtle or internal: "Once, in Rome, I watched a fountain gather the shades / and values / of a Tintoretto dusk into gorgeous foam, a moment so / full it felt / as though my life had completed itself.
The latter in particular was disconcerting, with brushstrokes that might allude to Tintoretto or to Abstract Expressionism but do not unambiguously reference cither.
This scene has been painted by some of the worlds greatest artists -- notably Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael Tintoretto, and Jacopo Bassano to name three -- each with his distinctive style, design, and characterization.
Artists include Tiziano, Jacopo Tintoretto, Paris Bordon, Sebastiano Del Piombo, Giulio Campi and Pietro Della Vecchia.
Well-known names such as Tiziano, Jacopo Tintoretto, Paris Bordon, Sebastiano Del Piombo, Giulio Campi e Pietro Della Vecchia will also be displayed for the first time in the kingdom at the Bahrain National Museum from February 3.
Ah, Jacopo, if you had my drawing and I had your color, I would defy the devil himself to enable Titian, Raphael, and the rest to make any show beside us," exclaimed Tintoretto as he discussed contemporary painting with his friend Jacopo da Ponte, known as Bassano for his hometown Bassano del Grappa, near Venice.
Hay cuadros tradicionales que son algo coma instantaneas pintadas, por ejemplo, muchos de Tintoretto, el gran maestro del movimiento operatico, o ese cuadro de Diego Velazquez, La fragua de Vulcano, con las bocas abiertas de sus rudos herreros ante la luminosidad y blancura hieratica del dios.
Financiere Tintoretto, which is controlled by private equity firm PAI Partners, is currently offering its 69% interest in the Italian retailer and will probably pick a buyer in the first quarter of 2011.
The two religious leaders pointed out that Italy needed to do deep introspection of her heart and be kind to immigrants, minorities, and Roma people as xenophobic tendencies were not in tune with this great country of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Tintoretto, Verdi, Fellini, and longstanding history and traditions of tolerance.