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heavy-bodied small-winged South American game bird resembling a gallinaceous bird but related to the ratite birds

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We describe a new avian HBV causing severe hepatitis in the elegant-crested tinamou (Eudromia elegans), a member of the ancient group of birds the Palaeognathae, which includes emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae) and ostriches (Struthio spp.).
BRENNAN, P.L.R., 2010.--Clutch predation in great tinamous Tinamus major and implications for the evolution of egg color.
Mosa SG (2003) Impact of agriculture, cattle and hunting on two tinamous populations (Nothura darwinii and N.
Many species of cerrado ground birds, like tinamous and rhea, nest on the ground level (Sick, 1997), making the eggs an easily obtainable resource.
Most sections focus on one order of birds, although some lump as many as five orders together (ratites and tinamous).
Awake to roaring howler monkeys, stand atop a majestic volcano, search for Resplendent Quetzals, comb coastal estuaries for Scarlet Macaws, watch hummingbirds bathe, learn medicinal plant uses, hike above timberline in the paramo, listen as tinamous call at dusk, and hear tink frogs in the night.
At Cocha Cashu, for example, there are no less than six species of Crypturellus tinamous, six species of Ara parrots, five species of Xiphorhynchus woodcreepers, four species of Philydor foliage gleaner, and eight species of Myrmotherula antwren (Terborgh et al.
In the most protected areas, the guanacos, Patagonian cavies (guinea pigs), and tinamous (game birds) are more and more common, thanks to the training of the staff and the incorporation of natural science students, who help the ranchers and serve as tourist guides.
Tinamous; Rheas; Ostrich; Emu; Cassowaries; Kiwis; Greebes; Penguins; Albatrosses; Shearwaters; Storm Petrels; Driving Petrels; Tropicbirds; Frigatebirds.
In modern birds that lack a pygostyle (most ratites and some tinamous), the rectrices are either highly reduced or absent.
Now, German researchers have found that female elegant crested tinamous (shown) increase their call volume when bombarded by noise.
Part 1 : Tinamidae (Tinamous) to Rhynchopidae (Skimmers).
"Because ratites also are secondarily flightless and tinamous are reluctant, clumsy fliers, the new evidence strengthens the view that troodontids and oviraptorids were secondarily flightless," he added.e also pointed out that "secondary flightlessness apparently favors paternal care of clutches of large, abundant eggs."
Birds that utilize forest into which chickens roam and that have ecologic behaviors that might put them at risk of coming into contact with poultry and poultry feces include ground birds (or those that spend a significant amount of time on the ground), such as Tynamidae (tinamous), Columbidae (pigeons and doves), Thamnophilidae (antbirds, antshrikes), Caprimulgidae (nightjars and nighthawks), Furnariidae (foliage gleaners and leaf tossers), Formicaridae (antpittas), Emberizidae (finches and grassquits), or Turdidae (thrushes), and birds that might either consume chickens or aggregate near foodstuff consumed by chickens, such as Cathartidae (vultures), some members of Accipitridae and Falconidae (hawks, eagles, falcons), Cracidae (guans), and Odontophoridae (quails).